Should I have my wheel straightened or should I buy a new (or used) wheel?

Depending on the wheel that you own, it could be much more costly to replace your wheel than having it straightened. However, for the purposes of this article let’s assume that having your wheel straightened is similar in price to purchasing a used or refurbished wheel off the Internet.

For starters, you really have no idea what you are getting when you buy a refurbished or used wheel off the Internet. The wheel may look good in all the pictures and the seller may say that the wheel is in great condition but when the wheel arrives it is bent and maybe even has a crack. So you now have another bent wheel (that you paid for!) and your problem is not solved. But wait! You paid with Pay Pal you say and there are guarantees! So you call the seller and they tell you, no, the wheel(s) were fine when shipped so they must have been damaged in transit. Oh, ok, now what do you do? I’ll tell you – just go have your wheel straightened by a reputable company. At the very least you know the condition of your wheel, what it has been through and if there is a problem in the repair of your wheel then you know where to take it back.

You may have heard that straightening a bent wheel has disadvantages like weakening the aluminum (so the wheel will bend again) or the wheel begins to leak between the rim and tire. The point of this article is not to get into this (I will write another article about these issues) but once again a reputable company will be able to deal with these issues promptly and you will know exactly were to bring the wheel to if one of these issues arises. If you want to purchase a “refurbished” wheel that looks like new and runs true and the price is still similar to having your wheel straightened just realize that this refurbished wheel was still straightened to get it into “perfect condition” and will have the same possible side effects as if you had the wheel straightened yourself.

There are a good couple of reasons to buy a new or refurbished wheel versus having your bent wheel straightened. The first is if the cost of a brand new wheel is less than the cost to have your wheel straightened then YES buy a new wheel! No! Do not have a company lower their price (and quality of work) to match the price of a new one. The second reason is if your bent wheel cannot be repaired. This happens once in a while and when it does happen it is a very good idea to purchase a refurbished wheel that will save you a lot of money versus the cost of buying a new wheel.


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