We can weld many cracked rims using high quality aluminum TIG welding and one of the best TIG welders in the city.

If your wheel is cracked in the middle or on the back side lip (behind the spokes), it can most likely be welded. Because there are many different types of cracks, to see if your wheel is a good candidate to be welded, give us a call 847-433-1900 or email a photo of the crack to wheelfix@sbcglobal.net

Generally, if your wheel is cracked on the front side or has more than 1 crack, it is not a good idea to weld it. Again, check with us to make certain if your wheel can or can not be welded. We will not weld any wheel that we determine to be unsafe or has a high likelihood of cracking again.

If your wheel is NOT a good candidate for welding we can help find you a replacement wheel (See Our Replacement Wheel Page).

Typical turn around time is 2 business days.

Click the YouTube logo or this link to watch one of our Wheel Welding Videos.

In the video, Wheel-Tech demonstrates how to properly prep a cracked rim for welding while giving an in depth look at the multiple steps involved. This video also shows the Mercedes AMG wheel with a machined lip before and after being refinished.

Our pricing includes dismounting your tire, straightening out any bends in the wheel (See Our Straightening Page), grinding open the crack, TIG welding the crack, smoothing down the weld so the tire can seat against the bead of the wheel, remounting your tire, Hunter Road Force Balancing of the wheel and tire, and checking that the weld is holding air.

Cost: $205 (rims up to 19″)

Cost: $230 (rims 20″ – 22″)

Cost: $265 (rims 23″ – 25″)

Cost: $350 (rims 26″)

Rim Repair and Refinishing)

Note: We will not weld a rim that has more than one crack on it. If your wheel is unrepairable, and it is original equipment, we can probably find a replacement for you. If the wheel is an aftermarket wheel you will have to contact the manufacturer to see if they are still making your model of wheel.

If you have an aftermarket wheel that can not be repaired and are looking for a new set of wheels check out the Wheel Sales Page.