Tire Rotation


Irregular tire wear is a common problem.  It shortens the tread life of the tires and can cause vibration while driving.  To prevent uneven wear and to get the most miles and the best traction out of your tires, it is recommended to rotate the tires every 7,500 miles. 

There are various ways to rotate tires.   Choose the proper method depending on whether your vehicle has front, rear, or four-wheel drive, whether your tires are directional or your wheels are staggered.   When you have your tires rotated at Wheel-Tech, we will Hunter Road Force Balance them with our state of the art machinery and programming to ensure your wheels are properly balanced, reducing road vibration and further increasing your tires tread life as well as performance.

Refer to the diagram below to determine the best rotation scheme for your vehicle:

Note:  Directional Tires should only be rotated according to the diagram on the left (directional tires are mounted for either the left or right side of the car and unless you dismount them and reverse the rotation they should remain on the same side of your vehicle).

Staggered wheels have different front and rear sizes so the tires can only be rotated side to side (not shown in either diagram)

"Inside / Outside" tires are directional in that one specific side should be facing inwards. These wheels can be rotated according to the diagram on the right.