Rim Refinishing

All scratches, damage, and most cracks on a rim can be repaired. We use a specialized process to smooth away any damage on your wheel without the use of filler (unless the damage needs to be filled with an aluminum TIG weld).

Depending on the wheel type and the job we will discuss if paint or powder coat is the best option to use on your wheels.

In most cases the old finish is stripped off so we have a bare alloy surface to work with. If the wheels are new and have a small amount of damage then the wheel is then sanded and smoothed out so that a color match can be done. We can match any color paint to your factory original or aftermarket rim. Since wheel manufacturers generally do not release the color code of their wheels we professionally mix paint for each specific job.

When painting or powder coating your wheel is layered with a base coat and then the actual color is applied over the base. In certain situations adhesive promoters will be used between coatings.

When the color is accurate and the finish dust free then your wheel is now ready for a top clear coat which is what makes the wheel look glossy (or satin or matte depending). We use an industrial strength, durable, and long lasting urethane based clear or powder clear coat which is baked onto your rim in either case to provide a maximum strength wheel finish.

Our Repaired and Refinished wheels come with a 1 year limited guarantee from peeling and/or discoloration. (ask us for details)

The rim repair process takes about 2 to 3 days – if you want to leave your car with us while we do the work then please contact us to make an appointment so we can hold a lift open for you.

We try to be as flexible as possible when you are having your rim repaired with Wheel-Tech. We can accept your whole car or loose rims or loose rims with the tires on them. We can even put on the spare tire for you in order to leave a rim with us at no additional charge.


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NOTE: If you are planing to have new tires put on your car consider having us put them on for you because we are very good at NOT scratching wheels when mounting new tires.


http://www.youtube.com/user/RimRepairCenter#p/u/20/b9KHqneZS7sClick the YouTube logo or this link to watch one of our Wheel Refinishing Videos.

In this video wheel-tech show an Asanti wheel that was brought to the shop for refinishing. The wheel came in with corrosion, curb damage and brake dust build-up. This video ends with a few pics of the finished product.


In order to refinish your wheel properly, Wheel-Tech will need to remove the tire off the wheel.  If this is the case, an additional $25 will be added to the prices below if you would like us to do the dismounting and the remounting of the tire plus Hunter Road Force Balancing of the finished wheel. These prices are to POWDER COAT your wheel inside and out to look like new.

**If you only have one or two wheels that you want matched perfectly to look like the others then we will need to mix a paint for your wheels and blend to match. This process is more difficult and time consuming to do correctly and will cost an additional $45/wheel added to the price. If you have 3 wheels with damage that you want matched to a fourth wheel it is just about the same price to have all four wheels re-coated with powder coating to a similar color (or you can change the color).

Prices below are for refinishing with Powder Coat:

Cost: $135 each (priced for rims up to 19″)  $160 with a tire

Cost: $160 each (priced for rims 20″ – 22″) $180 with a tire

**the prices listed above are current and accurate for most refinishing jobs – however, certain wheels or refinishing jobs may have additional fee’s applied.