Recoloring Your Rims

Standard Rim Color Change

Non-chrome rim color change starts at $160 per wheel (under 20″) for a single solid color, assuming you choose a color that we have in stock. If you want to special order a color we have thousands of colors to choose from or we can order paint to match the color of your car.

The sky is the limit with color changes. In the picture above, the wheel was coated black, polished, and then pin stripped. A standard color change would be considered as having the whole wheel one solid color. Effects would be considered as having two-colors, pin stripes, one color with polishing etc. The price for having your wheels custom re-colored will depend on everything you want to have done. So give us a call and we can discuss your project further.

If you simply want a solid color then check out our powder coat page or rim refinishing page.

Additional Notes: We do not Re-Chrome peeling chrome wheels!  But if your peeling chrome rims are original equipment wheels we can try and locate replacements for you. Call us 847-433-1900 or submit a request through our Wheel Search Page.

Custom Re-color Jobs

We do custom jobs, so if you want an effect, two colors, or anything else done to your wheel, just ask!  Call for price estimates 847-433-1900 Note: Additional charges apply per additional effect.