PVD Chroming

Wheel-Tech offers cutting-edge PVD chroming as an alternative to chrome plating.  The PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) process is more environmentally friendly and produces a superior and a highly durable finish which strongly resembles the high gloss of chrome plating.  You can choose between two finishes: the Bright PVD Chrome or the Black PVD Chrome. 

The PVD Chroming process is offered for all single piece original equipment wheels up to 22" in diameter.  It will not be applied to multi-piece wheels, aftermarket wheels, chrome wheels or wheels that are over 22". 

Generally, the turnaround time is one month and the process costs $250 per wheel.  This price includes dismounting, mounting and Hunter Road Force Balancing of the wheel and tire.  If your center caps need to be done, there will be an additional cost to have them matched (contact for details). Sometimes it is possible to do a trade in of your old wheels if we happen to have your wheels in stock (contact us for details).

PVD stands for Particle Vapor Deposition. This process entails stripping the original coating off of your wheels down to bare aluminum. The wheel is sand blasted and chemically treated for cleaning and adhesion purposes. The wheel has a base coat of black applied to it. Then the wheel can be coating in a PVD vacuum chamber. Literally, the wheel is coated with chromium vapor. The gas that is used during this process will effect the end appearance so you can have the coating finished in traditional "chrome" or in "black chrome". The wheel can finally be top coated with a clear coat so that it will hold up and last much longer then traditional chrome plating – especially in snowy or salty environments.