Caliper Painting

Wheel Tech will no longer be painting calipers as a service offered


If you have a decal that you would like put on we can do this for you during our painting process, and then apply a clear coat OVER the decal. This way you will have a caliper that looks original and professional and not have to worry about the decal peeling off.


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1. The wheel is dismounted from the vehicle and any break dust and rust is removed by cleaning, grinding and sanding to create a clean surface for the new paint.

2. Then the caliper is carefully taped off from the rest of the car, and the whole wheel well is masked off and ready to be primed.

3. Multiple coats of primer, adhesion promoter, and high temperature paint are applied, followed by multiple coats of clear.

4. The paint is allowed to dry for 12 hours, then the masking is removed and the wheel is re-mounted onto the vehicle.


Click the YouTube logo or this link to watch one of our Caliper Painting Videos

This video starts out with a quick look at powder coating over chrome rims followed by a detailed look at our caliper painting process.  The calipers are painted with a Bright Porsche Red high temperature caliper paint.  The wheels are 22″ Diablo that go on a Land Rover.  For the powder coat to stick, the wheels are first sandblasted.  All the curb rash is also ground out and sanded smooth before the primer goes on and finally the Satin Black Powder Coat.  Questions? Give us a call 847-433-1900