Rim Repair vs. Rim Replacement

A Cost-Effective Solution to an Expansive Problem
There is an alternative to the expansive replacement of damaged rims on your car. Bent rims can actually be repaired and straightened by wheel specialists at a fraction of the cost while being restored to spec!

Did you hit a pothole and bent a rim on your car as a result? Get it fixed! Don’t replace it.

Everyone hits potholes. You can’t avoid it. But if you hit one with enough force, the tire may be ruined or even worse, your rim may be bent or even cracked. As a result you may feel vibrations in your steering wheel while driving (especially at faster speeds), your wheel may not be holding air well and your tire will wear out much faster, just to name a few.

Replacing the tire is one thing; there are lots of tire stores everywhere plus purchasing a new tire won’t break you bank account. It’s a different story when if comes to rims. When you go back to the dealer to buy a rim to match the ones on your car, you may be surprised by the high cost. Fortunately, rim repair and wheel straightening is a cost-efficient alternative available to car owners.

The average aluminum alloy rim costs $400+ regardless of the make and model of the vehicle. For example, a Nissan Altima with 17″ alloy rims can cost over $500 per rim. Most people assume this cost will only apply to higher end luxury automobiles, but this is not the case.

Fortunately, there is an alternative to replacing bent rims. Rims that are hopelessly bent can actually be returned to a “like-new” condition and others that have cracked can even be welded back together for a fraction of the cost. Wheel-Tech uses specialized machinery to straighten the rims so that they run true and it re-conditions them to look new with their refinishing techniques. Wheel-Tech will also dismount, mount and balance your wheels to make them run extra smooth! Most wheels are returned within 24 hours and in some cases even the same day.

Bent BMW Wheel straightened BMW rim

Left: Bent BMW Wheel                                                        Right: Straightened and Refinished BMW Wheel

Rarely, there are instances when bent rims are so severely damaged that they cannot be brought back to spec. In such cases Wheel-Tech does not charge the customer for time spent on the rim if the damage cannot be fixed.

In addition, Wheel-Tech uses a huge database of used OEM rims and will often find an exact replacement, once again, for a fraction of the cost.


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