Is Powder Coating Wheels a New Color More Expensive Than Traditional Painting?

Powder coating wheels costs about the same as traditional painting methods and is an excellent option when you want to change the look of your wheel.

A typical repair on a wheel includes removing the tire and valve stem, removing and repairing any damage on the wheel, prepping the wheel so the new paint will adhere properly, matching the color by blending the base and second coats, and finally applying a top coat to the whole wheel.

Essentially, powder coating a wheel to a new color involves these same basic steps anyway with only a few slight variations. The tire and valve stems must be removed, and any damage on the wheel will be fixed and removed, but the difference is in how the substrate is prepped. When changing the color of a wheel using powder coat the whole wheel will generally be sand blasted to remove any old paint. This must happen because powder coat cannot be applied over old paint and even if the old “paint” is a powder coat it must be removed because when applying a powder coat it cannot be applied to thickly or the finish will not look too hot.

When the wheel has been stripped and the substrate poperly cleaned (typically using a five stage cleaning process) the wheel can be powder coated and again this will happen in two to three applications.

The method for powder coating and painting wheels takes about the same amount of time and one way is not necessarily better than the other – it really depends on what you are looking for and if done properly both powder coating and painting have there places and uses.

Powder Coat colors come in hundreds, if not, thousands of colors that you can choose from. In our shop we have many colors in stock and many more that we can order if necessary. The only draw back is if you are looking for one specific color. For example, if you want to exactly match the color of your car it can be done but exact matching of powder coat colors is very expensive. Whereas an exact match using traditional painting methods is more cost effective. However, if you are satisfied with something “close” than powder coating is a great way to go if you want to change the color of your wheel and give your ride a new look. Powder coating wheels is done over the whole surface of the wheel so the inside barrel and behind the spokes will have the new color. At our shop this is done when we use traditional painting methods as well, but it may not always be the case with other companies.

Finally, one big advantage with powder coating wheels is that chrome wheels can be powder coated to new colors as well. Powder coating will adhear to properly prepped chrome substrate much stronger than traditional paint – and last a long time! This is an excellent option to have when your chrome wheels begin to peel.

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